Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pray for Thailand

Many of you may already heard about the flood that is happening in my country, Thailand. The amount of water that are going around are just massive, don't even know how to explain it. Within few hours turned village into pond, let's put it that way. If anyone would like to donate in helping us please click here to donate via The Thai Red Cross.

Below are just some pics I made with one of Thailand's symbol, Elephant. Please pray for Thailand.

*** Feel free to use or share the pics. But please don't use it for commercial purpose. Invite friends to donate via The Thai RED CROSS. Thank you ***


  1. I did it!

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    have a wonderful day!

  2. I'm gonna put one of those to my sidebar <3 I hope you and your family are all right!

  3. saw it on the news, really terrible, ill be praying for everyone over there.

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  4. Very terrible! I hope you and your family are fine.


  5. Hi!!! I shared your pic on my post and hope that it will have an effect!!! My cousin went to Thailand yesterday, she says that everything's okay with the family but some of her friends unfortunately haven't last well but at least they are alive! Your Chang - elephants are so cute, thank you for sharing, hope it will make donations easier!!! Take care of yourself!!!!