Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shift from Summer to Autumn

OMG! August is over... It's September!!! My goodness, times fly...
And I still have some outfits I shot, but haven't post for August...grrrrr...

Anyways... will shift my out fit from summer to autumn soon...
May have to try harder, coz it's hot here in BKK.

Cardigan / Esprit
Skirt / Flea market
Shoes / Holly Shoes

Monday, August 29, 2011


Storm and Rain everyday here in Bangkok, which makes the weather really cool. I think Bangkok was cooler in the month of August than Japan. Well, but Japan is getting ready for Autumn, which we don't have that here in Bangkok, but I'm still gonna enjoy the fall trend.

Like I told you before, I'm no make-up guru, so the Urban Decay NAKED palette was too complicated for me... (I don't know how to use such various color...). So... right now I'm enjoying Victoria's Secret's Metallic Eye's palette.

And also currently experimenting on bold lip color.

Top / Forever 21
Skirt / Forever 21
Boots / Harajuku

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

X Japan PreSale for 2011 World Tour in Bangkok

As some of you guys may know... many may not, my day job is working in a concert and event company. And my next project is "X Japan". Yes the legendary band from the land of the rising sun.

These are some photos from the ticket pre-sale day.

I tried to add a hint of red in my make-up, but didn't really show... so... fail...

For more information about the concert, please go here

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Osaka Photo Diary

Monday, August 15, 2011

Black and White Formal?

I don't even know whether this is formal or not... but I wore this to my company's meeting last week, before I flew to Japan.

Yes... right now I'm in Japan... It's very hot here...
I've been posting a lot of stuff on my youtube channel and my facebook. Feel free to add and subscribe!

See you guys next post.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trip to Osaka Aug 2011 (VLOG)

Hey guys! Right now I'm in Osaka, the main purpose was for Summer Sonic, but right now I'm doing a very tourist-ish stuff... like visit the Osaka Castle... LOL... Anyways... I've got some VLOG down here... enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Super Long Cardigan

As I was riding on Bangkok's sky train... 2 Japanese who was sitting (I was standing) gossiped about how long my cardigan was... LOL... they didn't know I understood every word they said... but gotta agree, this is a super long cardigan... and I love it!!!

Cardigan / Forever 21
Scarf / Forever 21
Ring / Forever 21
Tank Top / Flea Market
Shorts / Forever 21
Wedges / Bershka

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Black Magic Woman

Black is for my outfit... it's all black...
Magic is for my new cosmetic buy...
Woman... me... (lol)

It's a Korean Brand by the name of "Holika Holika". It's theme is "Witch", "Magic",etc... It's becoming one of my favorite brand right now... I already like Shiseido's "Majorica Majorca" which is a Japanese brand with the same "Witch" and "Magic" theme. I also love, love, love Anna Sui... guess I like purple and black...

The kitty make-up pouch was a freebie from buying Holika's cat blush. And I also got the umbrella tooooo!

Top / Flea Market
Maxi Dress inside / Flea Market
Clogs / Forever 21
Leopard Scarf / H&M

Monday, August 1, 2011

Life Now #2

Life now is pretty good, a little bit buzy tho... but busy is good... I guess. Been to a lot of press conferences and opening events, but just can't find a chance to take good photos... (-_-;).

Snap a few photos from Esprit's new watch collection event. I went there a little bit late, so couldn't participate much... just sat there and watch their fashion show. Those cupcakes were cute tho...

Random photos of food and...

the last photo is my kitty's tail... lol