Thursday, May 30, 2013

White and Gold

I had this phobia where I am always afraid that if I wear white outfit... I'm gonna somehow stain it or make it dirty. I mean, white shirts and t-shirts are fine, but when it comes to skirt, dress, or pants... I always had that phobia.

But now that I got this clear / transparent bag in white...I kinda wanna go back and re-challenge myself. And here I am.

「白」って  すごく素敵だと思うんだけど、何か汚れちゃうんじゃないかっていつも心配しながら着ないといけないから、あまり着なかった。シャツとか、トップスはいいとして、ドレスやパンツはちょっとあぶないよね。


Hat / Shibuya 109
Dress / Vintage
Bag / Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes / ZARA

I've got some messages on my Facebook inbox asking about my bag. So I'm gonna answer some of the questions here.
1. The bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs clearly crossbody
2. Yes, they have more than one color... (You'll have to google this, or go to their website)
3. I got it from Reebonz Thailand
4. What is Reebonz? Go read their about us page here. Or you can go read my previous post about the website here.
5. Are they reliable? Don't worry... they are legit! Meaning all brands are the real one eh! Reebonz Thailand is the only authorized boutique in Thailand that sells brands like Tory Burch, Miu Miu, Chloe, Rebecca Minkoff, Celine, Michael Kors, Reed Krakoff,Valentino, and more....

They have a lot of flash sales, so you better keep updating and visit their website.


And for my lovely friends and readers, Reebonz Thailand is giving you guys a discount code here!!! Click on the link down here and register to get a free 500 Baht credit upon sign up!


For more information about Reebonz Thailand:
Please visit  Reebonz Thailand
Reebonz Thailand's Facebook
Reebonz Thailand's Twitter
Reebonz Thailand Instagram

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Black Maxi Dress

You need a little black dress in your close, and you also need a black maxi dress for this summer.


Hat / Forever 21
Dress / H&M
Shoes / Forever 21

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MARC BY MARC JACOBS clear bag from Reebonz

I know I might be late at this, but I couldn't find the right one... The right clear transparent PVC bag. It's been around for this year's Spring / Summer and I've been on the hunt for it. I want shoes too, but I heard that it can be very painful to wear. So I thought I start with bag, but ... wow... there're so many out there and I just couldn't find the right one...
Look at all the choices!!!


PVC by beren-852 featuring checked bags
... but now, finally, I found the clear transparent (PVC) bag that I want. That is Marc by Marc Jacobs!!!

I know it comes in many colors, but... I wanted... WHITE

And as always... I don't have time to go out shopping to just hunt for this particular bag... So I turned to online shopping... Been browsing around for a while... like 2 months. Honestly wasn't easy. The thing is, if I order from website outside Thailand, chances are I might end up paying unreasonable tax or my bag can be damaged by the Thailand post office people (I'm not kidding... it happened before).

Then I finally I found it!!! In Reebonz Thailand's website.

If you are in other parts of Asia, you've probably heard of the website. Since REEBONZ was founded in Singapore in March 2009, it has grown very quickly employing over 150 people with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Korea and Shanghai to be one of Asia’s largest shopping community.

Reebonz is an online shop that delivers ultimate luxury shopping , exclusive fashion, design inspirations and lifestyle experience with great deals for members. Their product range from high-end luxury designer items, from brands such as Chanel, Prada, Balenciaga, Gucci, Burberry, Coach, and more. Categories from handbag, shoes, apparel, jewelry, watches, to sunglasses. Also with numerous flash sale events that will be rolled out daily and last from 1-7 days. More than 1,000 items are available each day.

In September 2011, they've also launched its flagship retail lounge, call Reebonz SPACE at Italthai Tower in Thailand. Here, both members and the public can enjoy personalized and comfortable shopping moments.

I am not going to go in detail on how to browse around the web, you'll have to go experience it yourself. But if you are interested I can do a post that show you how I ordered my bag.

So yeah! I got contacted from Reebonz and got offered a coupon to go shop on the website. At first... honestly... I was like...errrr... I don't think I'm gonna find what I like here. And the bags the staff recommended me was nothing close to what I wanted. Until I've finally found a free time to actually, properly browse around the website (which trust me, I'm such a lazy girl, and don't usually spend that much time trying to understand new website), then... I found the bag... without hesitation... I ordered... LOL...

And the box arrived!!!

Wait for it...


Oh yeah! I'm lovin' this bag!!! Will be posting an outfit with this bag soon!!!
    Well... I guess you'll have to go play around with their website... they said they have the best price in town, cheaper than any authorized boutique or authorized re-seller. Free shipping on all orders! The price you see listed is the price you will pay at check out. Receive your order within 10 working days. Free returns within 14 days no questions asked for first time buyers.

For more information:
Please visit  Reebonz Thailand
Reebonz Thailand's Facebook
Reebonz Thailand's Twitter
Reebonz Thailand Instagram

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CAP Fever

Last month I went to Korea and went crazy cap shopping... and these are some of my favorite!!!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Stripe Fever

I think I'm in a stripe fever. Vertical, horizontal stripes... you name it... I have 'em all. Luckily I have a few from last strike... I don't need to go out and buy much... I think I'll do a video on stripe style....


Stripe dress / Flea market
Platform sneakers /GALSTAR