Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Outfit for SONIC BANG Bangkok's International Music Festival this August

I actually have more outfits I haven't post, but I just wanted to post these outfit ideas for Bangkok's music festival first.

So, Bangkok is having and ultimate music festival this August 24, 2013 !!! SONIC BANG !!! (please visit the website here for more information ).

This first outfit... it's bohemian-ish kinda style. LOL... I'm bad at naming...

But it also depends on who you want to see at the festival too right? This outfit is pretty neutral... I mean doesn't really scream and genre specifically.

By the way some of the artist coming to SONIC BANG will be Jason Mraz, Pitbull, PLACEBO, OWL CITY, ASH, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, MIYAVI, JAM Project, SCANDAL, EPIK HIGH, RAIN, .... and many more.... like more...

I also have more close up photos on my IG (akinoyuutsu). If you can think of an outfit to go to this festival, feel free to hash tag #sonicbang #sonicbangstyle

本当はもっといっぱいコーデの写真があるんですが、まずはこれ。何故なら、今年の8月24日にバンコクで国際的なミュージックフェスティバル「SONIC BANG」が行われるのです!そのイベントの為に色々コーデやメイクを考えています。(イベント情報はこちらをクリックしてね!)



ちなみに、「SONIC BANG」に参加する大物アーティストは、ジェイソン・ムラーズ、ピットブル、プラシーボ、アウル・シティ、アッシュ、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ、MIYAVI、JAM Project、スキャンダル、エピック・ハイ、ピ(RAIN)等等が登場します!

インスタグラム(Akinoyuutsu)ではもっと写真のせてますので、そこもよろしくね!皆さんもフェスに行くコーデのアイディアとかあったらハッシュタグ #sonicbang #sonicbangstyle してくださいね!

Flower Headband / Flea Market
Sweater / Union Mall
Shorts / Flea Market
Boots / 2nd hand
Bag / Terminal 21

Monday, July 29, 2013

Gold and Brown

Honestly... I don't remember the last time I posted... I'm a bad blogger. But life was so busy... like really busy.
Look at my photo, I still have pale pink ombre' hair. I now have purple ombre' hair.... (T^T).

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 Facebook: akinoyuutsu
Instagram : akinoyuutsu
Twitter: akinoyuutsu

Hat / Shibuya 109
Sweater / Forever 21
Belt / H&M
Bag / Flea Market
Pants / Flea Market
Heels / Flea Market

Monday, July 15, 2013

Black Summer

And then back to black again... LOL

I tried adding colors into my closet, but always finding myself wearing black and gray.... I guess it's embedded within me that these are the easiest color wear.


Hat / Forever 21
Long Tank top / H&M
Bag / Freebie from Vivi Magazine
Heels / Forever 21
Leggings / Flea Market