Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Purple Makeup with Essence (inspired by My Little Pony) LOL

Have you ever hear of Essence cosmetics?

Well, I've never... But now that it is launched in Bangkok, I am enjoying the variety of products and the affordable price of the brand. If you want to know more about the product, please visit their website here.

This is the look inspired by My Little Pony... as you can see... LOL. Using essence's Purple gel liner and eye shadow.


皆さん ESSENCE (エッセンス)化粧品ってご存知ですか?

私は正直、知らなかったです。でも最近バンコクでも販売されているので買ってみました。お手軽価格と商品のバリエーションにビックリ!オフィシャルサイトもチェックしてみてください。 このメイクはマイリトルポニーふう(?)(笑)。ESSENCEのパープルのジェルライナーとシャドーを使いました。


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Purple World

A mixture of Red and Blue creates purple. Some girl friend told me that she doesn't really know what her relationship status is with her boyfriend. Sometimes he's crazy about her, but sometimes he ignores her. So I just told her... well, then your love is under the "Purple World". When you are super in love with someone, hot with passion, you're in "Red World". When you are with someone for a long time, the heat cools down, but you have the calm relationship, so it is the "Blue World". In my friend's case... "Purple". But look on the bright side, you get the most mysterious and sexy color... be cool and sexy, that color might change, but purple is not a bad color.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back with feather

I remember how obsessed I was with feather stuff last year. Well guess what? I'm obsessed again... now I've got more than last year... so I'm actually wearing the feathered accessories like.... everyday.
Everything from flea marktet heels / one one seven

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sweet Rose Purification (LUNASOL 2012 Spring Makeup Collection)

As promised. A more detail on LUNASOL's spring collection. This collection is inspired by the Momoka Rose of Japan. This rose is a rose with a clear pink color inside and an adorable rose pink on the outer petals with a sweet scent. This look is created by the product I got from the work shop.

This highlight of this collection are the LUNASOL PETAL PURE EYES (comes in 3 types). This is a four-color eye shadow palette aim to achieve petal like gradation on your eyelid.

From the left 01 Sweet Peach | 02 Clear Pink | 03 Soft Beige

You can see that all palette have a pink tone to reflect the Momoka rose's petal. I personally love this palette a lot, but it wasn't in the gift bag... (-_-;)

This is what I got from the work shop.

The cream cheek is really awesome!!! It gives a dewy finish and really healthy look. I used No. 05.

I didn't get the eye shadow palette, but I got the LUNASOL Lighting eyes. The color is just beautiful!!! And I'm happy because I got No.3, which is Shiny Pink. Like I said... I love pink!!!

Lastly is the LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips G. I got No. 42 in Light Pink. It is really cream and quite tinted. So I didn't really need to use concealer on my lips... it came out quite nice.

There are more products in this collection, so if you guys are interested in them, please visit their website for further information...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Momoka Rose (Lunasol 2012 Spring Makeup)

A few weeks a go, I got invited to Lunasol invited me to their workshop session of their newly launched 2012 spring collection makeup. This collection is inspired the beautiful Momoka rose of Japan. Momoka rose are said to be the rose with most beautiful petal. From this inspiration, Lunasol want girls to be able to bloom with natural pink blush like the rose.

I will go on detail in each product and a trial video later, but for now, this is an event report post.


ルナソルの2012年の春コレクションのワークショップに参加しました。今回のコレクションのインスピレーションは香り豊かな「桃香」バラです!基本カラーがピンクでいろんなバリエーションがあります。この春はやっぱり美しいバラのように、ほんのりピンクに輝いて欲しいと言うのがこのコレクションのメインテーマです。 商品の細かい内容やトライアルビデオはまた後でアップします。今はイベントのレポと言うことで。

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spring - ish

Hi ladies... Since it's getting spring-ish... not the weather, just my feelings... I'm trying to put on more pastel shades. That include make up too. I'm using a lot of pink lately for my make up routine, and I'm wearing a lot of pastels.

こんにちは~ 春になろうとしています。気温では退く気分です。なので、パステルカラーとかを着るようになりました。服だけではなく、メイクとかも最近ピンクが多いですね。

Beanie / Shibuya 109 Jacket / JASPAL Skirt / Flea Market Ankle Boots / Forever 21

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pink for Spring

As if Bangkok have spring... but there's no harm enjoying the global trend right?


Shirt / Flea Market Skirt / Forever 21 Boots / Flea Market

Monday, February 6, 2012

Floral Blazer

I got this blazer... like 5 to 6 years ago... wore it once... forgot about it... found it last week,... starting to like it now.


Blazer / Flea Market

Jeans / Bershka

Booots / Forever 21

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh Mickey, you're so fine

Although the weather here in Bangkok is nothing close to winter...or even spring... the rain which have been pouring for the past few days sure brought a little cool breeze in the air. So I thought I'd wear my old, yet comfy brown leather boots of mine. This one was actually a second hand boots, but I've been wearing them for 3 years. And really love how it goes with Mickey!

バンコクは暑い。春でも、冬でも、秋でも暑い。 でもこの2,3日雨がふってたのでちょっとは涼しくなっています。このチャンスを逃す訳には行かない、と思い、すぐにブーツを取り出した私です。このブーツは古着だけどすごく履きやすいし、色も好きです。もう3年くらい履いてるかな。そして何よりこのミッキーとすごく合うこと!!!

Mickey T shirt / Flea Market Jeans / Forever 21 Boots / Flea Market

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hot Pink Pumps

I've always wanted a pink pumps. Actually, I wanted to add color in my outfit. These pumps should be a good start for me. I tend to buy black or brown shoes, thinking they should go well with anything. Then I realized that I don't really have bright colored not...


Pink Pumps / BERSHKA