Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sweet Rose Purification (LUNASOL 2012 Spring Makeup Collection)

As promised. A more detail on LUNASOL's spring collection. This collection is inspired by the Momoka Rose of Japan. This rose is a rose with a clear pink color inside and an adorable rose pink on the outer petals with a sweet scent. This look is created by the product I got from the work shop.

This highlight of this collection are the LUNASOL PETAL PURE EYES (comes in 3 types). This is a four-color eye shadow palette aim to achieve petal like gradation on your eyelid.

From the left 01 Sweet Peach | 02 Clear Pink | 03 Soft Beige

You can see that all palette have a pink tone to reflect the Momoka rose's petal. I personally love this palette a lot, but it wasn't in the gift bag... (-_-;)

This is what I got from the work shop.

The cream cheek is really awesome!!! It gives a dewy finish and really healthy look. I used No. 05.

I didn't get the eye shadow palette, but I got the LUNASOL Lighting eyes. The color is just beautiful!!! And I'm happy because I got No.3, which is Shiny Pink. Like I said... I love pink!!!

Lastly is the LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips G. I got No. 42 in Light Pink. It is really cream and quite tinted. So I didn't really need to use concealer on my lips... it came out quite nice.

There are more products in this collection, so if you guys are interested in them, please visit their website for further information...


  1. The pinkness <3 nice collection Akiii ^___^ xx

  2. OMG you look so pretty! Love the romantic feel of the look! Esp. the flower it's so cute! xx


    Niknok Style

  3. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking for different shades of pink and nude for spring. You look so pretty thought :)

  4. So pretty, love the shades of pink.

    xo erica

  5. preeetty!! love the neutral shades!


  6. u look gorgeous!! love the soft neautral color makeup on you

  7. el maquillaje te queda muy bien!
    saludos desde Chile

    Macarena Toro

  8. Hi!!! Wow, sounds nice, here in Europe (at least in my country) we don't have that make-up brand. And you look great with this flower in your hair, sooo exotic...About your comment - I started to seriously thinking about moving to Thailand, (not just because of cooold winters, but am looking for a better life and am refusing to live in European union). But for a few years, first I have to graduate, then moving...
    Enjoy a lot & lots of fun on Sun

  9. I love all the colors in this collection. Especially the eyeshadow palletes and lipstick look great :)