Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vintage Denim Jacket

I still have photos from London trip. Should be able to post some this weekend. But as for now, I wanna post this vintage denim jacket I got from Brick Lane, London. It's was my first time in London, so I definitely wanted to check out their vintage area... I didn't really buy anything much, but I really love the vibe.


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tropical Bue Green

I still have more photos from the London, Salisbury and Bath trip, but before people's gonna misunderstand that this is a traveling blog, let me post some outfit... LOL

I've posted an outfit with the same pants before, but let's think of this post as an variation from the last one.
If you want to see the post with this exact same tropical pants... click here.

Or just enjoy this post...

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

London Bath Salisbury (Part 2)

Hi all, so here is the part 2 to my London, Bath, and Salisbury trip in July. If you haven't read the part 1, just click right here =>>> PART 1 .

Ok... let's do part 2.  This was Saturday, and we didn't wanna go anywhere far, so we started the day with St Paul's Cathedral, Tower of London and British Museum.

St. Paul's Cathedral... can't take photo inside so... I have only photos outside. But I can tell you that it was very, very beautiful inside. The moment you stepped in, it's like you can feel silent choir of angel all over... I don't really know how to explain this feeling, but I'm literally trying to just put in words what came into my head.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

London Bath Salisbury (Part 1)

I usually post about beauty, makeups, and fashion... and I almost forgot to blog about my life... Yes, I do have a life. Though most people might think I'm an OTAKU (nerds or geeks in Japanese), staying home watching anime all the time (which is pretty true).

So this post will be about my trip to the UK.

Nails for this trip!!! TADAAAAA!

Has absolutely nothing to do with UK...

What I pack for this trip.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Denim Overall

I'm in London right now, but I realised that I didn't post anything last week, so... I'm gonna post from here!
Denim Overall, is like... you saw your mom wore it back in the days, you wore them when you were a kid, and today,you still wear them. Even though the style, the fit may change through out the years, I think Overall are just a classic piece you should have in your closet as well. This one I'm wearing is a skinny fit type, which I never had. Made my butt look even bigger, but nah... who cares.

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