Thursday, August 30, 2012

[DIY] How to make your own TATTOO TIGHTS / STOCKINGS

Tattoo tights / stockings are very big in Japan for this coming fall. But it's pricey... so I just made one! (^0^)

Leather Time

Wow... I can't believe August is going to be over. September's coming, which means... Autumn's coming! Well... not like there's going to be a big difference in weather for Thailand. But even so, I would like to enjoy the Autumn trend by adding some leather stuff to my outfit.
By the way, this tattoo stocking is painted by me. It was a big trend in Japan for this coming fall, and you'll see it everywhere, every magazine. But like all other Japanese stuff... it is quite expensive. So I made one myself... LOL... DIY Video coming soon on my channel! YAY!

ちなみに、このタトゥータイツ、私の自作です。東京に行った時、ドコ行ってもおいてあったし、雑誌とかの中でもいっぱい見ました。でもちょっと高い、、、だから作っちゃいました(笑)。DIYビデオとっておいたので YOUTUBE でアップします。

T-shirt / Flea Market
Skirt / JASPAL
Ankle boots / Flag J (Shibuya 109)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How Dr. Martens can change the look

If I just wear my heels, this look will probably look like a chic street outfit. But just by wearing Martens, somehow this look turn into a Harajuku-ish outfit.


Jacket / AIIZ
Skirt / Flea Market
Shoes / Dr. Martens

Monday, August 27, 2012

hp Event - DIY your phone case-

So everyone should know hp right? They make printer, scanners, printer's ink... etc. hp Thailand had recently invited me to their workshop. At first, I was like... Okay, when did I became an IT blogger... but after knowing that the main purpose of this workshop was on how use hp's original ink and printer for DIY and crafty stuff, I know I gotta go check it out.

As for the outfit I wore to the workshop, I posted HERE.

And this is what this ink is capable of!!!

For better understanding... I'm going to embed video from the event. From Ms. Pattarporn's Youtube Channel.

Step 1
You print out your desired design, paste it on the case with glue.

Step 2
Coat the case to make 'em shiny!!!

Step 3
Use dryer to dry the case. If you want the case to shine more, you can coat it again and dry it with dryer again.

Step 4
TADA!!! your own phone case!!!

A closer look to the finished case.

And these are the teddies for the blogger who came to the workshop. Yup I got one home too!!! Thank you hp!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunset Skirt

No, this skirt is not galaxy... LOL... This is sunset... I know I've been wearing too many galaxy stuff so your first impression might be "galaxy again"?
By the way, I'm so into caps right now.


T shirt / H&M
Skirt / Flea Market
Boots / Harajuku
Cap / Terminal 21

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can't get enough of Galaxy!

Will be leaving for Tokyo tonight. So would probably won't be able to update anything for at least 7 days... This is the outfit I wore to hp printer's workshop (will post about it when I come back from Tokyo). Can't get enough of Galaxy!!!


Everything from flea market
Boots / Harajuku

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Galaxy and Blazer

Hi all!
It was raining everyday, so I didn't get a chance to snap my outfit... (-_-;). And I'm getting ready to go to Tokyo! For Summer Sonic 2012 (one of the biggest music festival in Japan). But yup, Japan is in the middle of summer right now, so it's not gonna be a glamorous trip. But, will make sure to do a post about the trip too.
I might not have access to the internet, so... if you guys want a live update... then...
Facebook :
Instagram: akinoyuutsu

Facebook :
Instagram: akinoyuutsu

Everything from Flea market
Silver heels /

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feel like Ice-Cream

Paste purple and pastel pink... ummmm... I really feel like ice-cream....


Pink Blazer / MANGO
Purple shorts / from Japan
Pink heels /

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Floral and Casual

My first pair of floral shorts. Been wanting one for a while, but afraid my butt will explode, didn't really have a chance to get one. But since it was a 50% sales, so I got this CPS shorts, tried it, and .... discovered it wasn't that bad.... so I'm lovin' these now!


Crop Top / PINK
Floral Shorts / CPS
Wedges / H&M
Lace Clutch / Charles & Keith

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coral for Work

I know... I said for WORK on the title of this post, but ... doesn't really look like a work outfit isn't it. Well, I think going to work should be fun, and wearing what you like should add that fun to it!


Beige Blazer / MANGO
Cora T-shirt / Terminal 21
Lace Shorts /