Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leather Time

Wow... I can't believe August is going to be over. September's coming, which means... Autumn's coming! Well... not like there's going to be a big difference in weather for Thailand. But even so, I would like to enjoy the Autumn trend by adding some leather stuff to my outfit.
By the way, this tattoo stocking is painted by me. It was a big trend in Japan for this coming fall, and you'll see it everywhere, every magazine. But like all other Japanese stuff... it is quite expensive. So I made one myself... LOL... DIY Video coming soon on my channel! YAY!

ちなみに、このタトゥータイツ、私の自作です。東京に行った時、ドコ行ってもおいてあったし、雑誌とかの中でもいっぱい見ました。でもちょっと高い、、、だから作っちゃいました(笑)。DIYビデオとっておいたので YOUTUBE でアップします。

T-shirt / Flea Market
Skirt / JASPAL
Ankle boots / Flag J (Shibuya 109)