Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tokyo Summer Sonic 2012 (Part 4 FINAL)

Oh yeah! Last day in Tokyo!
This day was all meeting! From 10:30 am, all the way to 8:00 pm. So I don't have nice photos of where I go and what I did on this post. (LOL) Just a set of photos of me taken before I left my hotel


Cotton Blazer / UNIQLO
Tank Top / BERSHKA
Ankle boots / Flag-J
Necklace / CPS

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cat for Autumn

If you read Japanese magazine, I'm pretty sure you've already got the up-coming trend. Yup, it's CAT trend. From T-shirt, Sweater, Hat, Beanie, Bag, Clutch...etc... Like everything.


Cat T-shirt / Forever 21
Glitter Skirt / Forever 21
Ankle boots / Flag-J

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tokyo Summer Sonic 2012 (Part 3)

Hey there!
So this is the part 3 of my Japan trip. This part 3 has nothing to do with Summer Sonic, but because this entire trip's purpose was for the event, I just put the title like that. But if any of you want to read the Summer Sonic post, then please click here to go to the part 2 post.

So 3rd day in Tokyo, we went to Yokohama. The purpose was to watch other event, but after that we had time, and we were hungry, so we went to "Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum".

Let's start off with my outfit of that day.

T-Shirt / PINK
Skirt / Flea Market
Boots / Forever 21
Necklace / CPS

And here we are!!!

So Ramen Museum is essentially a theme park with Ramen as a theme (obviously). Inside the museum, everything is decorated like Tokyo during the Showa 33 (1958).

If you are looking for a place that have variety of Ramen, this is the place. They have Ramen all the way from Kyushu to Hokkaido. And here is what I had.

The Ramen shops are located on their underground floor, but the museum and souvenir shops are on the 1st floor.
And of course in the museum area, you'll get to find out how Ramen was born, who created, how it changed, what different types they have, what type of tools, bowls they used...etc...

But for me, this caught my eyes!!!
"Neko Ramen" or cat Ramen. Sooooo Cute. They have all the Ramen tools with him on, and also Neko Ramen cookies!

Another great souvenir for people who come to visit, is their own original Ramen. So this is how it works.
1. You choose your choice of noodle, soup, the ingredient. Then you put in the box.

2. Then you pose and take a photo of how you want the box to be.

And TADA!!! your original Instant Ramen!!!

There are more great souvenirs with Ramen theme here, but there's too many I couldn't shoot them all, so .... next time you have a chance to visit Japan, you should definitely check this place out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zalora Thailand Press Conference (unbox their goodie bag)

Last month, August, I went to Zalora Thailand's press conference.

If you guys love online shopping, then you’ve probably heard about Zalora. From March 2012, Zalora is officially launched in Thailand at !!!

And don’t worry about the system, coz Zalora is powered by Rocket Internet, one of the major online business firm in Europe. Their works are Zalando in Europe, Dafiti in Brazil and Lamoda in Russia.

Try browsing through the website, you’ll be surprised by the variation of their products. Their products range from clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and beauty products like make-ups and perfumes. Hi-end to local… they have ‘em.

This is how the website look like!(down)

This is what I wore. I didn't really have time to take my outfit bare with me. (down)

Necklace / CPS
Dress / (I dont' remember the brand)
Silver Heels /

Let's look at the management people of Zalora Thailand. (down)
(from left) Mr. Gerald Eder Co-Founder, Managing Director of Marketing.Mr. Peter Kopitz Co-Founder, Managing Director of Operations. Mr. Methit Mukdasiri Co-Founder, Managing Director of Finance and Customer Service.

Here is the highlight (for me). Thailand's most popular youtuber / celebrity / public icon /...etc.... PearyPie came for the work shop. She demonstrated how to use "Face Lace" and "PAPERSELF". (Click to see a clear photo on Zalora's website).

Some fall / winter outfit workshop.

And this is another highlight for me (again?). Opening the Zalora box!!! (goodie bag)

And oh yeah! Face Lace and PAPERSELF! I think I'll try these for Halloween! Not sure how... but we'll see!

(Check out Face Lace on their webiste "here"

(Check out the PAPERSELF on their website "here".

Woo hoo... what a long post... mostly photos tho... Anyways, see you guys in my next post!!! じゃあねぇ!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shiny Skirt

Like I always say... the weather here in Bangkok are... hot , hotter, and hottest. Even though autumn is coming... the weather here's still hot. But... I'm going to enjoy the trend.
Here I am with some shiny stuff. As you guys may already know that, this year's autumn, there will be a lot of metallic and shiny stuff coming out. So let's bling bling!


Black Cardigan / ZARA
Skirt / Flea Market
Boots / (?)...Korean Brand I bought from Flea Market

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tokyo Summer Sonic 2012 (Part 2)

Second day, here we go.
August in Tokyo’s pretty hot, but this time, was also rainy at the same time. I’ve prepared myself for the heat by wearing shorts and tank top, but luckily the rain made the day in Summer Sonic wasn’t that hot as it usually will be.
Summer Sonic, is not all about music, it’s also about arts and creative atmosphere. So the moment you enter, you’ll see a long wall of arts, drawn by both vastly popular and indie market artists.
Talk about stages… every single stage was beautifully decorated, creating a very energetic vibe to the performance and to the people who came to see the show.
Every products and sponsors who wants to be in the event, must be artsy and creative as well.


(Read part 1 here)

Tank Top / BERSHKA
Shorts / BERSHKA
Boots / Forever 21
I look freakin' fat in this photo... (down)