Thursday, March 22, 2012

Go Vivid

Never... like literally never have I ever wore such vivid color like this one. I used to and still like pink, purple, blue, green, grey, black..etc... but mostly a pastel shade or a darker shade. But this shirt... my goodness... never have I own anything this vivid. Maybe it stems from the stereotypes that are happening here in Thailand. The stereotype of White skin better than dark skin. Therefore, wearing anything that would make you look darker was like a taboo. Now... I don't really care, as a matter of fact, I'm actually enjoying the tan I'm having. (thanks to Victoria's Secret's models)

All from Flea Market (Heels / Holly shoes)


  1. wow this is ALL from the flea market?! You have some amazing flea markets! I love this outfit~ your accessories are impeccable :D

  2. Again, flea markets for the
    win :) Love the Holly Shoes
    And I don't care if I get
    a tan, I love having a tan!


  3. Vivid colours can make me feel good the whole day. As well as pastels...My bad, that i'm almost always wear black. I should brake my habit finally :D And you look amazing btw. At flea market can man find so many treasures :)

  4. these colors are amazing on u!! i think the coral pink is perfect for tanned skin it looks beautiful!! and i LOVE ur shoes and clutch!! i love ur style, Aki :)

  5. you look absolutely gorgeous x

  6. haha I don't know why you don't wear bright colours like this more often, they look amazing on you! and I don't think they make you look darker. you shouldn't have to base your wardrobe on how light it makes your skin look anyway! :P your tan is lovely and so is the blouse! :)

  7. nice shirt and shoes

    your look is so nice


  8. Aki, I have heard of these stereotypes that you have in Thailand, but I thought that they are sooo prehistoric, that for young generation it doesn't exist. Despite all stereotypes you look gorgeous and this colour looks fabulous on you, so don't be afraid be brave.

    xoxo Ra

  9. Your skin colour is gorgeous and bright colours looks amazing on tan skin.