Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dolly Wink and Harajuku Doll eyelashes GiveAways



Giveaways for my readers in Southeast Asia region. Which are:
East Timor
Myanmar (Burma)

As for international give away, will make sure it happen soon.

To enter
1. Subscribe to my Facebook (if you are already in my friend list, then skip this)
2. Or Follow me on Twitter
3. Leave a comment below. Tell me who’s your favorite Japanese artist male and female (can be a band). Your favorite Set and your email address.

Set A
1. Dolly Wink (No.1)
Produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka
2. SHEA Hand Cream (Rose)
By Mentrum
3. Key chain

Set B
1. Dolly Wink (10 Sweet Cat)
Produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka
2. SHEA Hand Cream (Lavender)
By Mentrum
3. Key chain

Set C
1. Harajuku Doll Series (No. 501)
Produced by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
2. SHEA Hand Cream (Sakura)
3. Key chain

Ends on April 16th


  1. Aww, this is such a cute giveaway!
    can I take part? I live in UK but I have family in Vietnam. XD haha And will probably be back in summer anyway. Pleaaase? :>
    I really adore Set A!
    My favourite japanese Artist would be Mika Nakashima. Her husky voice has so much emotion in it. :>

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  3. kyaaa what a cute giveaway :D
    wanna join, btw i live in Indonesia ;)
    i have add friend you on facebook (as Nila Kussriani) and follow you on twitter (as @lanilaa)
    and i want Set A please :*
    My favourite japanese girlband is AKB48 :D they look so adorable and cute, i love their style and their song, too.

    Thankyou for your giveaway


  4. May I join this? hehe^^
    The most favorite of Japanese artist is Ayumi Hamazaki.
    I think she's Great not only her perfomance but also her looks
    as we always seen her on a pile of fashion magazine covers.
    She's got style.
    I love set C with a little cute Kolilakkuma.


    Pamm Kittenvilla

  5. I joined ! I'm in Indonesia :D
    I love Miura Haruma and Kana Nishino <3
    I actually love dolly wink , but I choose set C (because of sakura smell and korilakkuma) ! :D :D

  6. Oh my god! Sooo cuuute! >o<!
    I've subscribed to your facebook as Aidaa PS. And I also followed you on twitter.
    I actually live in Sweden but I've got relatives in Thailand. Can I join this giveaway too? Hehe...I'll go visit them this summer for sure! ^o^

    My favorite Japanese male artist is Yamashita Tomohisa and my favorite Japanese female artist would be...Kana Nishino.
    I really like set B because of those lashes, they look kind of natural!

    My email address is

    1. sure!!! as long as you have address somewhere around the area!!!

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  7. ahh..fainted~~ was such amazing giveaway!! Thank for having such awesome giveaway!! # wink wink
    CAN i join???
    I live in Malaysia!! I've subscribed to your facebook as Hanafi Hadi. And I also followed you on twitter as Charmy.
    my favourite Japanese Artist absolutely Tsubasa Masuwaka forever!! I love the way how Tsu-chan bringing a song that really cute and she's really have a cute voices!!hahaha..
    and my favourite set is C xD can i get dat!!hehe

    once again a big thank you thank you and thank you :)

    1. Join join join!!!
      I love her Tsubasa's work as Milky Bunny too!!! super cute!!!

    2. <3 thank you minkui Aki-Chan..hihi

  8. Ai..Aki, this giveaway is pure love for lashes und handcream lovers <3
    I am taking part for the Philippines :3
    My favorite japanese (manga) artist is Yumiko Igarashi who has drawn Lady Georie.
    I totally love her style and i will always remember the time when the anime series was broadcasted in Germany AND in the Philippines!!! (*o*)

    My favorite set would be set C!
    My mail:

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway <3

  9. Aki hey! anyway thank you SO much for making this great giveaway! I hope that I can enter this giveaway! :)

    i live in Malaysia .. I have subscribed to facebook you as Hei Ryung. And I also follow you on twitter.
    My favorite Japanese artist is Kyary! Ahhh .. i love Kyary so much and i hope i can meet kyary someday.. kyary mv super kawaii! Kawaii like you Aki! hehe
    i WOULD like to choose set B!! because i love tsu-chan too!!haha
    and my e-mail:

    Thank you so much! XOXO