Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To the Land of the Rising Sun

Sorry for the absence.
I'm sure everyone've heard about the massive earthquakes in Japan. The Tsunami... and many other things that followed.
I would not go on detail, but I just wanted to share something with you guys.

Japan is a strong nation.
Japan is also a kind and a gentle nation.
They will rise.

These are some of the quotes and tweets of people in Japan that I've found from my friend's link. I've translated in English to share with you guys.

"To Japan. Never forget kindness. Gentle to the weak. Help each other. Forgive. If you are afraid, remember everyone is also. We pray for you all. We will also try our best." ~ UltraMan & Staff

"It is so dark like I've never experienced before, but I also never realized that the stars are so beautiful. Sendai... Look up towards the sky". (from people's conversation in Sendai).

"So we had the greatest and the most powerful earthquake... M8.9/M9.0... Then what we need to do is make our LOVE the greatest one too." @junyaishikawa


  1. That's so touching. I really have been praying for Japan. And I am so impressed with the country and how strong they have been through this entire ordeal.
    Yes, they will rise.


  2. Really beautiful phrases..<3
    Come on Japan, you can make it!! ;)

  3. I pray for Japan too. It's such a tragedy, but they will definitely rise again.