Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hair Coloring and Something New

Hey there! I finally fixed my hair color!!!
And voila...!!!

The brand I used was KAO's "Liese". This thing is very fun to do. The coloring liquid comes out in foam, so while you color your hair, there is no dripping. Since it's a foam it's easy to smudge around and make the color even.

My hair was super uneven before the coloring.

Bought "Sweet Magazine" (Japanese Magazine), and look at the freebie that came with it! Huge, cute "Snidel"s bag!!!

Few other stuff I bought from Forever 21. Love the bunny <3


  1. I love your new haircolor!! It looks very natural on you :) bravó!
    Teheh I love that bunny ring aswell ❤

  2. Now we have the same hair color *∩_∩*

    Ooh, the Sweet Snidel bag looks really pretty in real life (tough colors are lighter, than in the press preview). Does it has a zipper to close the entire bag? - for me bags must have zippers^^

    ♪ Vernissage and Cream ♫

  3. you look chic!

  4. love the new hair color...
    i just dyed my hair black

  5. your new haircolor is sooooo lovely! <3

  6. >Jasmin
    Yes, it's got a zipper! it's a pretty proper bag!

  7. you look fab!

    xoxo from rome

  8. your gorgeous! that color looks great on you. kind of similar to the color i have but yours is a tad big lighter. did you do the color all by yourself? i can never do that!
    love kat

  9. Your hair looks gorgeous, the colour is beautiful <3

  10. Aki, your new hai colour looks wonderful. I love that bunny ring, so super cute and freebies are always welcomed :)

    xoxo Ra

  11. Love your hair colour! And the forever21 tights looks cute <3 x

  12. lady i'v just discovered your style..i like it so much!nice nice blog!!
    Come and follow mine if u like what u see dear..i'll do the same back..i'd be happy..kiss from Milan!

    Patchwork à Porter

  13. Hi!!! Oh, you don't have to thank me for the support post, it's just something that I had to do. Unfortunately here in Europe more important news are what Brangelina or Hiltons did then serious problems that are happening in the world to non-famous people, so it was my little try to show to my readers where to pay an attention!!! Hope that things are getting better!!! And love your photos and new haircolor, you rock!!!

  14. amazing shots!!

  15. love the new color! you look adorable :)

  16. you got nice new hair color! and the bunny ring is lovely too:)

    Journal J