Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Gear

I'm going to Osaka again in December. If you've read my August post, you'll know that I just went there during summer. And yes, it was crazy hot. Now I'm going there again in winter, and probably will be crazy cold. I wish I can go there during spring or autumn. Anyways, I'm going there for work... so can't really complain much.

So... that is why I'm shopping on my winter gear. Nice cozy sweater dress and a super cool boots from This is only my second purchase from the website, but so far I'm lovin' their shoes.



  1. I like your boots and sweater so much ! You're lovely and your blog is very cool, I am in love with your hair ! I would like to invite you to my blog, follow each other if you like it and also there's a Chanel and Too Faced make up giveaway going on and I think you might like it ! Kisses

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  2. ooh I love the white sweater you got there, looks so warm and cozy!

  3. Lovely white knit!!
    and thanx for your comment.
    Our new shop opened in Taiwan, but already we have 2 stores in Osaka(Nanba MARUI 2F & Shinsaibashi DAIMARU 5F)!!
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  4. OMG in love with those shoes! to die for.
    Following you now :)

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  6. It's winter here too now. I love your style x

  7. You have an awesome job then to able to go to
    I'll be in HK :)


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  9. love your boots!!!
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  10. you will be going to osaka?? sweet! i definitely would like to join you ;) khekhekhe
    i really like this sweater even though it's very basic. i am looking for a similar item, too. in my country it's getting colder and colder Y_Y"

    ShuShu ♥

  11. I would love to go to Osaka. These photos are so pretty this is a great post and I really like your photos is the post below with the chic leather leggings. You look great, following you now!

    I'm a stylist with a style blog here in San Francisco

  12. Hi, sorry if i post this comment in a wrong entry but i saw your video of the haul in November 2011 together with the stuff photographed above and i have a question. Can you let me know where to buy NYX stuff in Bangkok?
    Thanks in adv.