Monday, August 27, 2012

hp Event - DIY your phone case-

So everyone should know hp right? They make printer, scanners, printer's ink... etc. hp Thailand had recently invited me to their workshop. At first, I was like... Okay, when did I became an IT blogger... but after knowing that the main purpose of this workshop was on how use hp's original ink and printer for DIY and crafty stuff, I know I gotta go check it out.

As for the outfit I wore to the workshop, I posted HERE.

And this is what this ink is capable of!!!

For better understanding... I'm going to embed video from the event. From Ms. Pattarporn's Youtube Channel.

Step 1
You print out your desired design, paste it on the case with glue.

Step 2
Coat the case to make 'em shiny!!!

Step 3
Use dryer to dry the case. If you want the case to shine more, you can coat it again and dry it with dryer again.

Step 4
TADA!!! your own phone case!!!

A closer look to the finished case.

And these are the teddies for the blogger who came to the workshop. Yup I got one home too!!! Thank you hp!!!


  1. omg those inks are amazing!
    youre the one wearing galaxy legging right? you look great!

  2. it looks so cool!

    Your blog is great and very inspiring so I'm following you now! :)