Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tokyo Summer Sonic 2012 (Part 2)

Second day, here we go.
August in Tokyo’s pretty hot, but this time, was also rainy at the same time. I’ve prepared myself for the heat by wearing shorts and tank top, but luckily the rain made the day in Summer Sonic wasn’t that hot as it usually will be.
Summer Sonic, is not all about music, it’s also about arts and creative atmosphere. So the moment you enter, you’ll see a long wall of arts, drawn by both vastly popular and indie market artists.
Talk about stages… every single stage was beautifully decorated, creating a very energetic vibe to the performance and to the people who came to see the show.
Every products and sponsors who wants to be in the event, must be artsy and creative as well.


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Tank Top / BERSHKA
Shorts / BERSHKA
Boots / Forever 21
I look freakin' fat in this photo... (down)