Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hydrate your skin with BIODERMA Hydrabio (workshop)

So... I went to BIODERMA Hydrabio workshop... like... last year... December 2012... sorry... I know I know... what took me so long right. The photos were there, but I thought I wanted to do a video with it too... and haven't got a time to film the review... and plus I wanted to try the product before I review... (trying to find an excuse to make me sound like a responsible blogger... LOL)

Let's Start!

And I start with my outfit of that day...

BIODERMA suppose to be like white and blue-ish clean brand color,but... I totally forgot about those thing and just wore black... hurrrrr....(-_-:)

At the workshop, there was an explanation of their product line. And an interview with the super hot model, Yo Yossawadee, who is also a BIODERMA user. Her skin was amazing!!!

The guy beside her is one of the most popular makeup artist in Thailand, and he too have super fabulous skin.

ME, trying the product on my hand. The cameraman is like... can you smile while you are testing the product... and I'm like... errr... I need to see how much product I'm actually squeezing out of the bottle... but why not... *SMILE* (hence the awkward smile)...

You will not believe this. The BIODERMA BA, who's helping me with the product explanation ... is not a SHE... Yes! HE's got the most smoothest, brightest, awesome skin!!!! (feel a little bit a shame for being a girl and neglecting all the proper skin care).

Sweet ladies on the same table as me! Both are web editor from Amarin Printing. You guys were so sweet!!!

Group photo with fellow Thai Bloggers!!!

Closer look at the product line!

Sensibio H2O (far left)
4-in-1 Cleansing Water (Non-Rinse) Cleanses, Soothes, Refreshes, Hydrates For Sensitive skin, Normal to dry skin (Face and Eyes) • Micelle technology • DAF PATENT • Cucumber extract • physiological pH • Alcohol-free, Soap-free, Fragrance-free, hypoallergenic. Amazing, cleanses all the make-up (if you are a hard-core mascara user, you might need to leave it on your eyelid for a while to make sure the product soak into your mascara).

Hydrabio moisturising mask (second from left) Deep hydrating mask • AQUAGENIUM® PATENT • DAF PATENT • Glycerin, Xylitol • Non-comedogenic, hypoallergen • If you want to just moisturize normally,use it like a night cream. But if you put a generous amount on, you can actually use it as a sleeping mask. (I like to use it this way)

Hydrabio Serum (second from right)
Hydrabio Serum moisturising concentrate • AQUAGENIUM® PATENT • DAF PATENT • Hyaluronic acid, Xylitol • Non-comedogenic, hypoallergen • Can use daily, morning and night

Hydrabio exfoliating cream (far right) Gentle moisturising scrub • AQUAGENIUM® PATENT • DAF PATENT • Perfectly spherical micro beads which will scrub your dead cell gently without rough edges. • Salicylic acid • Shea butter, Vaseline, Xylitol • Non-comedogenic, hypoallergen • Massage softly 1 to 2 minutes per use and suggested use is once or twice a week.

If you want to hear me talk about the product, you can watch the youtube video down there! But... it is spoken in Thai with English subtitle!


  1. Aki what a wonderful event and sounds like those are fab products. I have seen a lot on youtube Bioderma H20, but other products I haven't hear nothing.
    You look fabulous!

    xoxo Ra

  2. She's a HE??? He's gorgeous! ^_^ And btw, that color looks really great on you! \(^o^)/

  3. Oh god, thank you for your blog, I love it! I'm craving back to Thailand, my second home, and somehow I almost felt like I was there when I watched this video.. c:

    And an off topic question: do they sell Soap and Glory in the Boots' of Thailand?:o I want to know!

  4. hi where can i get the bioderma micellar water in bangkok? and whats the price there?

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