Monday, June 10, 2013

White on White

I honestly think this is a real challenge for me. Like I said in my old posts... white pants and skirts are something I'm afraid of wearing... Coz every time I sit down, I always have that phobia where I think it's gonna get dirty, and when I stand up, I always check my butt all the time...

But this year! I'm challenging myself to WHITE ON WHITE !!!

Let me show you some of the outfit from POLYVORE, that I think it's really cool... and I wanna try.




White and White

White desert

in white...

And let's look at some of the stuff I got recently in an attempt to accomplish my challenge of wearing White on White...



White Clear Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs
This one I got from Reebonz Thailand

Not entirely white, but still wear 'em with white a lot... Kenneth Cole
This was on like 50% discount! It was a great deal! I think I got it from Paragon department store. There was a whole lot more, but... I don't wanna spend all my money... (-_-;)

Simple white cap from Terminal 21 (I believe it's hand made)

I just got the news, so am gonna post it here.
Reebonz is having a Friends & Family Special !!!

1. Login at
2. Click at the "ribbon" on the top right hand side of the wesite. Then click "Credits", when menu appears, click "Invite your friends now!
3. Then click "invite link", and the system will create a unique invite code
4. Copy the link and send it to your friends or family!! The more love you send out the more love you get!

For more information about Reebonz Thailand:
Please visit  Reebonz Thailand
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Reebonz Thailand Instagram


  1. Hey,
    I love good all-in-white Looks :)

  2. Your outfit is so laid back and comfy! Thumbs up for white on white!

  3. Loving the all white look