Wednesday, March 18, 2015

5 Mental exercise I do to help lose weight

-Losing weight and staying healthy is all in your mind-

If you guys read the book ‘The Secret’, you guys would should be familiar with the concept of ‘laws of attraction’. If you haven’t heard of this, I recommend you reading. Essentially, we get what we want, if we set our mind in a proper focus, and put ourselves in the tract to achieving it. And it’s not just thinking or wishing, you visualise that you’ve already got it. And live your life with that picture in your mind. I know it sounds like deluded, but it works. This book is more about people changing their lives and moving towards success, but this law applies to health and weight lost as well.

I’m a pretty ADD (attention deficit disorder) person, but not to the point that I can’t control or anything. As a child, I often have problem focusing on one thing for a while, get distracted easily, my attention jump from one thing to another, I overlook details, mood swings and will do only what I feel like, and more… But luckily I am a very artsy person, meaning I have things that can catch my attention, which is arts (anime and manga when I was young). I found myself able to concentrate and focus on stuffs that are artsy or visually appealing. Hence manga and comic were the only type of books I read when I was a kid.

Why do I talk about this?

Coz now you know how f*cking hard it was for me to continuously go to the gym and control my appetite. Especially eating the same meal over and over again. I tell you it was not easy. If you are a really OCD and are very disciplined, this will be easier for you.

The only thing I was good at and useful to make this lose-weight goal possible was visualising. I always had in my mind the kind of fashion and style I want to wear, the clothes I want to buy, how I want to look like in those clothes when I walk down the street.
Sounds vain? Hey, it works.

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