Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Think 5 minutes before you pick a fight on your boyfriend / girlfriend

There are multiple situations and times in relationship where an incident happens and you are just so overwhelmed by the emotion that automatically made you march directly to that person and pick a fight immediately. Sometimes you end up understanding each other more, but I see that most of the times, regret of what being said and brought up.
Emotion makes most argument longer and unnecessarily drama. People say the more you are closer the healthier if you have a fight once in a while. I agree. But the fight should be sensible, not throwing emotions to each other irresponsibly. Some problem can be solve in a shorter time and a peaceful manner, if emotion wasn’t involve.
But you’re pissed! How can you not get emotional?
That is why I say, give yourself 5 minutes before you march over to pick a fight with him/her.

5 minutes of sanity question
Sample Situation:
You tried to contact your boyfriend from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am, but he went silent. You found out the next day that your boyfriend went out to strip club with his bosses and investors, from his co-worker.

1. What am I angry about?

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