Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why men like women who eat a lot, yet want them skinny

Let me tell you an irony. Men always say stuff like, ‘I like confident woman, but also a caring and homey one’. ‘I like a funny woman who gets humor, but doesn’t talk a lot’. ‘I like a beautiful  looking woman, but doesn’t put on too  much makeup’. ‘I like a woman who have time for me, but give me space’.  And out of all these, the most annoying one has to be ‘I like a woman who enjoys food and eat a lot, but still skinny’.

TADA---!!!! Call it double standard or whatever, but these ideals are pretty true. When women hear these argument, most of them roll their eyes and secretly in their mind, goes… arrrrrgggg.
I tell you one thing. Men don’t even know what they want. But if you want them to express honestly, these would be it.

But after thinking and analyzing these ideals for a while, I came to a conclusion. They actually make sense. Today I’m going to focus on the ‘eat-a-lot but skinny’ part. So here are the thoughts behind.
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